The Beauty Therapy And Wellness Industry

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Many of us may not be familiar with the term “beauty therapy”, but we all know what a spa is. Spas and wellness centres are extremely popular nowadays and newer and bigger ones are cropping up all across the world each year. Ranging from beauty spas to those that specialise only on Ayurvedic treatments and wellness, spas are considered the best place to go to if you are in need of some pampering and relaxation.

However, this is no 21st century concept. The name “spa” may be relatively modern, yet the concept of it has been a popular activity for centuries.

‘Spas’ in the ancient world

What we now call spas is a concept that originated many years ago. For instance, the early Romans enjoyed public baths, and it was an important part of their culture. These baths features steaming hot “pool” where men relaxed with friends and chatted. They also feature sauna rooms so that they could use steam to release toxin from their bodies. In fact, public baths were so important to the Ancient Romans that some of the most important policy matters of state were discussed and determined in ‘meeting’ in these baths. They also used olive oil to cleanse themselves before and after steaming as they considered it healthy foe their bodies. Ancient Greeks too, used this practice.

Ancient Egypt featured luxurious treatments, especially for the pharaohs and queens. Cleopatra, probably the most famous in this aspect, is said to have used milk and honey to bathe in in order to keep herself looking youthful. She would also use “makeup”; different natural pigments for different parts of the face, especially for around her eyes and also her lips.

The modern-day spa

Modern-day spas show many similarities but also many differences, when compared to that of the ancient world. Modern spas will offer many different treatments that range in price, duration, and treatment of specific ailments.

Spas also offer hear and reliable beauty services, making it more of a salon-spa hybrid. You can even find mobile hair and makeup centres in parts of the city that cannot feature larger spas due to a lack of space.

One of the most popular gifts nowadays, especially for women, are day spa gift voucher Sydney. A day at the spa for a busy working woman is just what is needed to help her feel rejuvenated and pampered.

In terms of the services modern spas offer, one of the most popular are the massages. Larger spas offer a many range of massages, featuring techniques from around the world. From Korean massages to Balinese deep tissue massages, they will discuss with you your specific needs for your body, and recommend the right package for you. This ensures a tailor-made treatment that you can enjoy.