Pigmentation Removal by Modern Medical Practices


If you are having a beautiful skin you are blessed by God. But to protect that skin from external factors depends on you. Exposure to sunlight, dust and storm might affect your skin and it might lose the moisture content resulting in a dry, patchy appearance. But nowadays there are various solutions to sun damage treatments. Laser application can be considered as the ultimate solution to sun damaged skin. The causes of hyper pigmentation and brown spots make your face have an ugly appearance. You can make permanent solution with the treatment of laser.

There is a beauty salon in Moonee Ponds that suggest solution to the harm caused to the skin and the moisture loss content to the hair. Hair becomes fizzle and rough. Hair spa can be a solution to retain the moisture content of the hair texture. You may apply a layer of creme over the skin, close your eyes with goggles and apply laser beam over the skin in stipulated amount. May be that it may cause temporary blackening and appearance of patches but later it will have a good effect on the skin as the patches would vanish giving your skin a flawless appearance.

Chemical peels are caused when there is a sudden wound of a skin. Then the wound might go as deep as the dermis or epidermis. On the process of healing of the wound there occurs peeling of skin and then results discoloration of the part of the skin that is peeled. Chemicals that are popularly used in healing of chemicals are- alpha hydroxyl acid, beta hydroxyl acid, trichloratic acid and phenol.

Pigmentation removal can be caused by laser application. Application if a gel on face or parts affected by pigmentation is done in the process of operation. After closing the eyes with goggles then laser beam is applied in stipulated amount. Then there can be occurrence of black patches which are then removed and a flawless skin results.

Various skin therapies are available for various symptoms and problems. But it’s possible to get rid of those problems by minute surgeries which may be done by a cosmetic surgeon. Removal of black spots and ugly patches are possible. Removal of unnecessary hairs can be removes. Even small surgeries related to nose and eye brow rectification is possible. The most affected due to sun rays are the skin and hair. So, all sorts of treatments that can cure the ugly spots and restore the smoothness of skin are practiced in clinics nowadays. It’s better to consult a skin specialist and take her advice regarding any skin related problems and the possible solution. It’s to be kept in mind that not only skin surgery is the only solution but there are a large number of after effect that needs to be taken care of by the person. If successful after care is done the skin becomes rejuvenated again and it becomes soft, supple and young looking.