Popular Nail Art Designs

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The idea of drawing pictures on the fingernails is referred to as nail art. It is a creative art that aims at enhancing the beauty and physical appearance of a person. Nowadays, every part of the body has its own role to play towards enhancing beauty. The finger and the toenails as play a vital role to the beauty of a person and for this reason, different art designs are being put in place to improve their physical outlook. The history of nail art is much longer than one can imagine. It is a fashion design that is related to manicure. The most common type of art that is familiar to many people is decoration using nail polishes. Nail specialist draw pictures or some form of arts on a dried nail polish. Most of the drawings are rather more of mosaic craft than normal pictures. Application of these forms of art on the nail is however limited by one factor, the length of the nails. For one to get the drawings of art on their nails they ought to have longer nails with regular shape.

As for the nail sculptures, one need not to have longer nails. The sculptures are already designed with a particular form of art to suit preference of many people, see this awesome New York street style. The only thing that needs to be done is only mounting them to the already prepared nails. Different forms of beautifications done to the nails include nail piercing. This involves creation of a small plate on the nail tip and then a ring attached to the nail. This type of decoration can be done both on the nails and on the artificial nails. This type of decoration can be purchased or be done manually by the hands. They bring an overall effect of uniqueness since it is not so commonly done by many people. Unlike other forms of body piercing, nail piercing is rather quick and painless. It also does not need a period for rehabilitation.

Aquarium nail art design is normally done on the artificial nails. The picture to be designed on the nail is created using acrylics of different colors. After the pattern is done, I can be complemented with pastes, dried flowers or even spangles. After these decorations are done, they are then coated with acrylic. This produces a beautiful end effect of a convex shaped glass. When dried completely, it has a smooth feel without patterns, yet the patterns are visible.

There is the three dimensional nail art style. This nail style is more of a volumetric design and is very common on the nails of many top models. This design is exquisitely designed by professional artists and has a unique design. 3D nail art design is done using a variety of modelling and extension technologies through use of a number of materials. Materials used include acrylics, gels and some form of glue. The designer uses these materials to create birds or animal figures, leaves, flowers among other patterns of art.

Photo nail art if another form of abstract sculptural art design for nail styling. It is a new design that is rapidly becoming popular among many people. It is the application of images on either the nails or the artificial nails. It is done using the nails printer which can applies many different colors creating complex art patterns.